Nihongo Flash - Japanese Vocabulary Trainer

Nihongo Flash is a Japanese flash card program for Windows. Many vocabulary lists that I found were inconsistent or missing data. The bulk of this project was to get a good dataset that could be used to learn important vocabulary. JLPT vocabulary for levels 1-4 are included (about 8,000 words) and an additional 15,000 words that are considered common.

In order to run this program you will need Windows and .NET 3.5

(A cross-platform Java version is in progress)

I have made an installer that should automatically download and install it if you do not already have it on your computer. .NET was used to make some aspects of the program more friendly at various screen resolutions. The buttons will resize to fit your screen to try and make staring at it as easy on the eyes as possible.

Also.. your computer must have Japanese fonts installed. This can generally be done in the control panel under "Regional and Language Options" and try to add "East Asian Languages Pack". It may ask for your Windows CD and if you don't have it, I believe you can download the Asian pack from Microsoft. Vista has the fonts installed by default.

If anyone notices problems with the vocabulary, please let me know. The main goal of this project was to make a consistent and accurate machine-readable Japanese vocabulary list. Any mistakes would be greatly appreciated if reported. Currently, the vocab list is available as a standalone download in XML format.

Enjoy and send any comments to winstonwaite at gmail dot com

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